Unknown (Haida)-Artist--Figural Group-30000-CAD

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This figural group is populated by various animals and beings from Haida cosmology. At one side facing forward we see a figure that appears to be dogfish mother, recognized by the labret in her lower lip and the gills above her head. She also appears to have a dorsal fin which falls to her side. She holds fast to what could be the dorsal fin of a transforming being such as a killerwhale which rests between her feet. Directly behind his primary figure is Raven with a frog clutched in his beak as well as beneath him on one side. Just below Raven to the other side is what appears to be Beaver. Laying on his back is a human figure who wears a feather on his head. Directly below sitting on the back of a large Bear that faces out the other end of the figural group, is another human figure. Turning back to the other side of the figural grouping we see another two Bears and a human figure.