Beau Dick: A Tribute

Beau Dick’s passing is a great loss to Kwakwaka’wakw culture, North West Coast First Nations art, and the world at large. Beau’s work will be remembered for it’s power, innovation and spirit. He contributed massively to First Nations and indigenous communities; his voice and activism have become indelible to, not only the cause of all indigenous people, but the culture of Canada as a whole. His artwork reflected his energy: full of life and strength. He was a true friend, a trickster, a transformer and a brilliant ray of light.

22 years ago, on March 31st, Beau stood behind me as I opened my gallery. He performed then as he did many times before, and he performed at my most recent exhibition celebrating the gallery’s 20 year anniversary. Beau was a force of nature, and wherever he went, he influenced those around him. When Beau rolled into your sphere, it was like the tide coming in, he brought with him a massive swell of energy and life; and now that he’s gone, we’ll miss him like the ocean at low tide. For those of us fortunate enough to have known him, just like the low tide, he’s left us a bounty of treasures that will forever stand as his legacy to the world.