Fall Newsletter: Collections

Collections and the Secondary Market Part II Family Trees and Legacies The secondary market in Northwest Coast art can be a unique and exciting space to reacquaint ourselves with “vintage” Northwest Coast works. Perhaps these are works that we’ve seen previously, resurfacing when a collector decides it’s time to part ways with a piece. Sometimes Read more »

Phil Gray: Force of Nature

We are excited to have a colourful new mural on the side of the gallery building by Ts’msyen artist Phil Gray. The mural has been curated by the Douglas Reynolds Gallery for this year’s Vancouver Mural Festival. The design is titled Force of Nature and overlooks the Granville and 7th community garden. Artist Statement: “The story Read more »

Summer Newsletter

Collections and the Secondary Market Since the Gallery opened in 1995, we have specialized in contemporary Northwest Coast Indigenous Art. We are the only Northwest Coast gallery to not represent other Indigenous art forms, such as Inuit, Maori, and art from the Southwest. Doug’s passion was with Northwest Coast art and instead of expanding into Read more »

Fall Newsletter

Collections and Commissions We had a surprisingly busy summer at the gallery, and as we head into fall we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the happenings of the past few months. Though many of us had to change our summer plans and stay closer to home, it was nice to see many Read more »

Summer Newsletter

Summer Newsletter As we enter the summer months and life returns to the city, we wanted to take the opportunity to lift the veil on some of the processes and techniques that are involved in bringing beautiful, carved works that we see in the gallery to life! Cedar, in all its forms – the wood, Read more »

The World of Northwest Coast Printmaking

With gallery life quieting down a bit over the last few weeks, we thought we would take the opportunity to put together a Spring Newsletter that we have always wanted to write but never quite had the time to give it the full treatment it deserves: the unique and multifaceted world of Northwest Coast printmaking! Read more »

25th Anniversary Newsletter

25th Anniversary   Preparing for the first-ever show at the Douglas Reynolds Gallery, 1995. Where it all began… These days, many people are reflecting on the past and how their lives have brought them to where they are today. I’m finding this crazy time especially reflective, as today marks the 25th anniversary of the opening of my gallery on Read more »


Deep Roots Masks, frontlets, and headdresses have been carved, danced and treasured since time immemorial. They are an integral part of Northwest Coast culture and are one of the most recognizable and sought after artforms. Masks are beautiful, intricate, dynamic and symbolic. They are among the most personal of artforms. Potlatch Masks Potlatches are feasts that Read more »


Our August newsletter focuses on the development of panels as a style of Northwest Coast Art. Panels can be bold, striking, and monumental like totem poles with a depth of carving that draws awe and stimulates conversation. Like paintings and bentwood boxes panel artwork allows an artist to articulate crests and stories into defined spaces, Read more »

BILL REID (1920 – 1998)

“I consider myself one of the most fortunate of men, to have lived at a time when some of the old Haidas and their peers among the Northwest Coast peoples were still alive, and to have had the privilege of knowing them.” Bill Reid – from introduction to The Raven Steals the Light, 1984. Hinged Gold Bracelet, 1957 Read more »