Happy Mother’s Day!

The big day is fast approaching! Celebrate your mother with a uniquely carved piece of jewelry she’ll love! We are offering $25 flat rate shipping across North America. Order by Wednesday May 9th to get your gift in time.

Unique Creations and Commissions

For our Spring newsletter we wanted to showcase the many exceptional new works displayed in the gallery as well as some exciting projects we have recently completed. This amazing sculpture by Salish artist Luke Marston features a soaring Eagle with a winding serpent between its talons. The bird’s wingspan is nearly 8ft in length and the feathers feature inlaid abalone shell.

Beau Dick: A Tribute

Beau Dick’s passing is a great loss to Kwakwaka’wakw culture, North West Coast First Nations art, and the world at large. Beau’s work will be remembered for it’s power, innovation and spirit. He contributed massively to First Nations and indigenous communities; his voice and activism have become indelible to, not only the cause of all Read more »

Holiday Newsletter 2016: The Art and Innovation of Northwest Coast Jewelry

When we think of innovations in jewelry, it helps to think of a timeline – what was considered innovative and contemporary in the late 1800’s might not appear to be so avant-garde today. However, when we consider artistic innovations in Northwest Coast jewelry in the context of different time frames, a clear picture emerges of Read more »

Fall 2016 Newsletter

“From oral tradition… it is clear that nineteenth-century bentwood boxes and chests were as meaningful conceptually as they were important functionally. Not only did they provide a means of cooking, storing foods and valuables, and holding the remains of the dead but they also provided a symbolic way of thinking by means of the container Read more »

Traditions meet Modern-Day: New Tsimshian Art by Phil Gray

Phil Gray continues to amaze us with the clean, precise and evocative work he creates for The Douglas Reynolds Gallery. His newest red cedar panel, titled “Mosquito” shows the mastery of Formline that Phil Gray is famous for. This panel shows the Mosquito’s head in the top left quadrant, with his proboscis extending from the Read more »

Spring 2016 Quarterly Newsletter

Collections Collectors of Northwest Coast Art have varied and refined tastes, and these tastes are known to evolve and change as collectors fine-tune their personal acquisitions. Throughout the year, the gallery is approached by collectors seeking to make room for new pieces as their tastes change to focus on one particular region, artist, style or Read more »