Raven, Frog and Moon Model Totem

Raven, Frog and Moon Model Totem

Red Cedar, Acrylic
24 ½" H x 7 ¼" W x 7 ¼" D

Raven is central to coastal mythology. As a culture hero, a transformer, and a trickster, his adventures at the beginning of time released the sun and the moon and brought the world into existence. Raven is identified by its straight beak and lack of ears or plumage on the head.

Moon is associated with peace and transformation and is also widely regarded as a protector and guardian spirit. In some stories the Moon originated as chip of the Sun, which Raven broke into pieces. Moon is often depicted with humanoid features and can be distinguished from the Sun by a labret in its bottom lip indicating female nobility.

Frogs are both social, vocal and are associated with the power of transformation and the ability to traverse worlds. As the primary spirit helpers of shamans, frogs are communicators and often represent the voice of the people. Frogs were often carved at the top of totem poles to symbolize the communication of warnings or impending danger. Frog is generally given large eyes, prominent lips with a projecting tongue and webbed feet.


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