Female Moon Pendant

Female Moon Pendant

22kt Gold, Abalone
½" diam

Abalone bale ¼" long

"Moon controls the tides and illuminates the dark night. Moon is also associated with transformation and is widely regarded as an important protector and guardian spirit. Because of the powers of Moon, shamans sometimes call upon it as a spirit guide...Moon appears in the mythology of all Northwest Coast nations, though Moon's origin varies from story to story, even within one culture...Moon is characterized as a rounded face with relatively flat features, often those of a human or bird...Raven is one of the most important beings in Northwest Coast art and mythology, although the nature of his role varies from one culture to the next, and his predominance diminishes from north to south. Raven has the power to transform himself and other beings. He is the most accomplished transformer of all...In stories, Raven is intelligent, curious, innovative and resourceful...He always follows his appetite, and consequently is often in trouble...Among many other achievements, Raven determined the order of things in the world as we know it; secured the blessings of fire, water, sun , moon, stars; and discovered humankind." (Shearar 2000: 72 - 88) - Understanding Northwest Coast Art: A Guide to Crests, Beings and Symbols


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