Haida Frog - Hikkyaan Qqusttaan

Haida Frog - Hikkyaan Qqusttaan

Printed Ink on Sugi Veneer
16" H x 13" W


Edition /100

Available framed for $3600 CAD. Please contact the gallery directly.

Canada's foremost architect, Arthur Erickson, was a close friend of Bill Reid. This limited edition print was made specifically for the Arthur Erickson Foundation and the entire edition was gifted by Bill Reid to the Foundation for them to use in a fundraiser. Following the technique of Japanese woodblock printing, Bill signed the back of each print, rather than the front.


Indigenous artwork on the Pacific Northwest Coast often incorporates figures and animals that are related to crest symbols. Crests have been passed down through families and have varying meanings depending on the context and association with a nation, clan, or family. The figures depicted in contemporary Northwest Coast Indigenous artwork also have varying meanings but there are some common characteristics from a range of sources, including oral histories and artist descriptions.

Frog is a creature of great importance on the Northwest Coast. Frogs are social and vocal creatures and are typically seen as the communicators of the animal world. They often symbolize communication and represent the voice of the people. Frog is also associated with versatility as it lives in both water and land. In Northwest Coast artwork, Frog is sometimes depicted with its tongue going into the mouth of another figure as a visual reference for sharing knowledge. Frog is generally given large eyes, prominent lips with a projecting tongue and webbed feet.


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