Kyran Yeomans: Raven in Flight

Over the past year, we have helped facilitate a unique commission with Kyran Yeomans (Haida) on a Northwest Coast design for a client’s prop plane. From the concept phase to completion, it’s been an exciting and inspiring journey!

The inspiration was to create a Raven in flight. It commenced with Kyran’s initial concept sketches and decisions on the colours. After tweaks and adjustments to the design, orientation, and detail, a final iteration was chosen and sent to be vectored. The vectored design was printed on vinyl and applied to the body of the plane. As the design was being worked on, the plane itself was simultaneously being built.

After many months, the plane and the design are complete and we couldn’t be more pleased with the final results!


Initial Design Sketches


Completed Plane

Born in Vancouver, Kyran Yeomans has been carving since 2005. Much of his apprenticeship has been with his father, Don Yeomans, one of the most prominent Haida carvers on the Northwest Coast. His carving is a testament to this experience, exhibiting the precision, detail and creativity that his father is well known for.

Kyran is a multifaceted artist and in 2012 he made a short documentary that followed his father through the stages of carving a totem pole. Kyran is also a photographer and musician and these are experiences that he brings to his carving which is thoughtful and contemplative.

Kyran has worked at different scales from the detailed miniature to the monumental. His most recent project is a set of totem poles, one 9ft and one 13ft commissioned by a client to represent their family. 

See more artwork by Kyran Yeomans here.

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