Corporate and Museum Collections

Painted Spiral Staircase by Phil Gray (Ts’msyan). TELUS Garden, Vancouver.

Installations: Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), Audain Art Museum (AAM), Bill Reid Gallery (BRG), Bishop’s Restaurant, Canfor Corporation, Cannacord Capital, Dallas Museum of Art (DMA), Damien Hirst and Newport Street Gallery, Denver Art Museum, UBC Museum of Anthropology (MOA), National Gallery of Canada (NGC), Singapore Art Museum (SAM), TD Bank, TELUS, Vancouver International Airport (YVR), Westbank, Wheaton Precious Metals

Douglas Reynolds Gallery has worked with businesses and corporations for 25 years and offers a full-service process, from the planning of collections to the final installations. How can we help curate your collection?



"I have personally purchased many works from Douglas Reynolds Gallery over the years. In 2018, Douglas completed a commission for the Audain Art Museum with artist Jay Simeon. I have also acquired numerous works for our company."

Michael Audain,

Chairman of Polygon Homes Ltd.



"Although most of my purchases with Doug have been personal, some of the works I have purchased I have donated to public institutions as well as purchasing corporate gifts for Canaccord Capital."

Peter Brown,

Founder and Past CEO of Canaccord Capital



"Doug was key for building our Northwest Coast collection at TELUS. It is important to think regionally when activating spaces, and focusing on original Northwest Coast art for TELUS Garden was certainly a priority to achieve this vision. Reynolds helped us fulfill that role."

Darren Entwistle,

CEO of TELUS Communications

Douglas Reynolds Gallery often works closely with companies, museums, and public institutions to communicate their mandates and thoughts to an artist or artists and facilitate developments of projects and commissions. In addition to our team at the gallery, we can connect you with First Nations curators and experts to help guide you through the decision making process. We will work with you to develop an understanding of what you envision having created, relaying this information to an artist and starting a conversation that will see the corporate vision come to life.



"When I worked with Wheaton Precious Metals (formerly Silver Wheaton), they repeatedly referred to themselves as a streaming company. I took their words literally and incorporated aquatic elements into these panels, which were created to fit in this boardroom space."

Don Yeomans, Haida Artist



"I’ve worked with Doug on many large scale projects. My first major museum commission with Doug was a 30′ totem pole for Damien Hirst and the Newport Street Gallery. There have been two large scale totem pole commissions since and numerous commissions in aluminum, wood, and bronze."

Robert Davidson, Haida Artist

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