Phil Gray: Force of Nature

We are excited to have a colourful new mural on the side of the gallery building by Ts’msyen artist Phil Gray. The mural has been curated by the Douglas Reynolds Gallery for this year’s Vancouver Mural Festival. The design is titled Force of Nature and overlooks the Granville and 7th community garden.

Artist Statement:

The story of Salmon Woman tells how this supernatural woman brought salmon to Raven. After Raven’s many travels, he was worn down and tattered. He met and married Salmon Woman who healed him and cleaned him up. While he was searching for food, she touched the water and hundreds of salmon appeared for him to feast on. Although she saved him and nursed him back to health, he took her for granted and treated her terribly. In the end, Salmon Woman became fed up and took everything with her when she left him, leaving him as desolate as before.

This design is a commentary about how colonialism has negatively affected the way we treat women, LGBTQ+, and the environment. Although women are life givers and interconnected with the environment, heteropatriarchy forced a shift in our morals and responsibilities in relation to them. This representation of Salmon Woman with all the colours of the rainbow is a reminder that until women and LGBTQ+ are valued, respected, and reinstated back into their traditional roles and responsibilities our communities will continue to struggle to become healthy vibrant communities again.” – Phil Gray, 2021

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