Brandon Fairleigh

Brandon Fairleigh is a young Nisga’a artist who is of the Raven and Frog Clan. His inspiration to carve came at a young age while watching his uncle, James Cornell, work. In the summer of 1997, Fairleigh began carving wood with the assistance of his brother, Vincent, who taught him some of the most important basics and together they created a mask.

Soon after, he was fortunate enough to be introduced to Nisga’a Master Carver, Norman Tait, by his brother. Fairleigh began to apprentice under Tait in late 1998. He has also begun working with Norman Tait’s son, Isaac.

He enjoys carving and feels that it gives him an identity to who he is and who he wants to be. Exploring all aspects of the Nisga’a culture, Fairleigh is also involved with the Tsamiks Dancers.

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