Dean Hunt

Dean Hunt was born into a family of carvers and, as an active member of the Eagle Clan of the Heiltsuk Nation, he is continually gaining a wealth of cultural knowledge. He has been apprenticing under his father Bradley Hunt and brother Shawn Hunt since 2003. Hunt is an accomplished carver and has worked along with his family on a number of monumental projects. He also carves pieces in silver and gold. 

Hunt's carving is crisp and creative, often using bold colours in his painted works. In 2009, Hunt was featured in the Bill Reid Gallery’s "Continuum: Vision and Creativity" exhibition. As well, one of his amazing masks was featured in the Vancouver Art Gallery's exhibition "Shore, Forest, and Beyond: Art from the Audain Collection" which ran in 2011/2012. Hunt is rapidly establishing himself as one of the most notable Heiltsuk artists.

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