Fred Davis

Fred Davis was born into the Raven Clan on Haida Gwaii. Through his mother and grandmother, he is a descendant of the Skedans people.

Davis carved for over thirty years, working in a variety of media, including wood, argillite, mastodon ivory, gold, and silver. His work varies in scale, from monumental carved panels and totem poles to finely worked jewelry. Davis studied with many other carvers in Masset, including Richard Yeltatzie and Ron Wilson. Davis was inspired by Bill Reid and Robert Davidson.

Davis is best known for his detailed miniature pieces. He was one of the most innovative contemporary Haida artist working in this scale. He had a strong creative vision which was coupled with immense technical ability. As a result, his carvings are elegant but powerful: each piece is distinct and imaginative, with a feeling of the creature or story that he's representing. He has been featured in several exhibitions as well as books on Haida art and his pieces can be found in public and private collections internationally.

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