Mosquito Ladle

Mosquito Ladle

Red Cedar, Birch, Acrylic
6 ¼" H x 7" W x 20" L

The first image on the handle of the ladle is the mosquito with a human figure in his mouth and then continuing at the base of the handle, an eagle, wolf, raven, salmon, and frog with its protruding tongue. On the underside of the ladle bowls the design of a killer whale, the dorsal fin carries a human face and from the blow hole extends the fireweed. Inside the bowl of the ladle, the tongue of the frog continues. The frog's tongue encircles a red space that opens to the other side of the sculpture. I use these openings in some of my work as gateways to another place where some other persons or I might find a deeper spiritual vision of the piece.

The ladle handles protrude from a small cedar bentwood box. The box design depicts the fire that destroyed the creature of the mosquito legend. The black circles are the eyes of the creature. The openings with the turquoise outlines on the box represent the spiritual resolve of the creature. The box is set on a cedar lid. The lid has three circles, black (earth), red (life), and turquoise (spirit).


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