Hollie Bartlett

Hollie Bear Bartlett is a member of the Haisla Nation and her family crest is Killer Whale, revered for its strength and skill as a hunter. Hollie began her artistic career when she moved to Vancouver and worked as a photographer for Kahtou News: The Voice of BC First Nations. Her jewelry career began in 1998 with an apprenticeship under Master Carver Corrine Hunt (Kwakwaka'wakw/Tlingit). Corrine taught Hollie the principles of jewelry including gold and silversmithing, stone setting, casting and overlay. Hollie also worked with contemporary goldsmith Michael Reynolds.

Hollie's jewelry showcases her exceptionally fine hatching and crosshatching, her stone setting and range of manipulation over her mediums of gold and silver. Her sterling silver Whale Tail pendants are among her most popular jewelry items. Although the base Whale Tail is cast from a mould, the variations in crest designs, gold overlay and stone settings allow nearly every pendant to be unique.

Although new designs are frequent of her work, Hollie has mentioned she is also now learning wood carving.

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