Joe Campbell


Joseph Campbell lives and works in his home city of Vancouver. Campbell took an interest in carving at a young age. Watching his late father, Sylvester, who carved ceremonial masks and house posts in the traditional Coast Salish design, provided him with a great deal of insight into deep cultural significance of carving to the Coast Salish people. 

Campbell received his first carving knife from his late brother Danny Campbell, who showed him a variety of techniques and methods of carving. Danny had a distinctly northern style, which Joseph emulates in much of his work.

 He has been working in the Northwest Coast art style since 1970, mainly carving wood, and apprenticed with Master Carver, Larry Rosso. He also completed a course in Advanced Design with Robert Davidson and he worked with George Rammel at Capilano College on bronze casting techniques in 2003.

Campbell’s works include bowls, masks and talking sticks, all incorporating the traditional elements of his culture. Today, he focuses primarily on bentwood box carving, incorporating bright colours and clean lines into his design. His pieces are featured in various commercial galleries around the city of Vancouver.

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