John Livingston

John Livingston was born July 21, 1951, in Vancouver, BC and is of non-native origin. From an early age, he resided and was educated in Victoria.

In 1965, through a close association with members of the Henry and Helen Hunt family, Livingston began a life-long interest in Northwest Coast Native Art and Culture. Upon his graduation from the University of Victoria in 1968, he decided to pursue Northwest Coast Native Art as a career and began carving on a full-time basis.

Livingston, in partnership with Tony Hunt, started Arts of the Raven Gallery in the late 1960s. It was shortly after this that the Hunt family, during Potlatch ceremonies which they hosted, formally adopted him. For the next fifteen years, not only did Livingston manage the gallery, he was also involved in assisting and teaching over forty Northwest Coast artists who trained and worked in the gallery/workshop.

Through the years, he was fortunate enough to study, train, and work side-by-side with some of the most well-known and respected Northwest Coast native artists such as Don Yeomans, Robert Davidson, and Art Thompson.

Livingston is known for his many large panels, masks, and poles created for both corporate and private collections worldwide.

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Eagle Dagger
John Livingston (Non-Indigenous)

Eagle is one of the most important beings in the art and mythology of the Northwest Coast. It is ...

Eagle is one of the most important beings in the art and mythology of the Northwest Coast. It is respected for its intel­ligence and power, as well as its extraordinary vision, in both the literal and figurative senses. Eagles in myth are, likewise, usu­ally noble characters. Eagle is revered as a powerful hunter. Groups of mythical Eagles may gather for co-operative whale hunting expeditions, since, unlike the giant Thunderbird, Eagle is not strong enough to hunt whales alone. Eagle may ofte...