Ken Humpherville

Ken Humpherville is a Métis Cree whose parents moved to British Columbia when he was three, and eventually settled in Prince Rupert, the ancestral home of the Tsimshian Nation. Prince Rupert has been Ken’s lifelong home and he has been adopted by the Eagle House of the Gispaloats. He has been given the name “N’da Xamoodum St’sool” which translates to “Beaver Who Helps another Beaver”.

For many years Ken made a living as a carpenter contractor and a forestry worker. In 1994 Ken was invited to participate in an art show in Portland Oregon, and in 1996 began to carve, paint, and design as a full time occupation.

Ken’s art focus is on traditional Tsimshian art, and with due respect to his adopted family, he plans to continue to try and bring an honourable representation to a great art tradition. 

Ken’s work has been acquired by many North Coast art collectors and he has also participated in juried Native art shows in Portland Oregon and Los Angeles California, winning first place prizes at both shows.

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