Latham Mack

Latham Mack, born in Bella Coola, BC in 1985, has been practicing art from his traditional Nuxalk nation since he was a young man. Studying under family members Harvey Mack, Lawrence Mack, and Alvin Mack, Latham carved his first mask by the age of thirteen and assisted Tony Speers in carving a 20-foot totem pole by the tenth grade.

As a young artist, Latham would sell painted plaques to ferry travellers at the BC Ferries terminal. In 2008, Latham began his studies at the Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art and was mentored by artists Stan Bevan, Ken McNeil, and Dempsey Bob. During his studies, Latham was awarded the YVR Art Foundation Youth Scholarship twice, and following graduation, Latham apprenticed under Dempsey Bob for another 5 years.

Currently working as an established artist, Latham’s works can be found in collections worldwide from UBC’s Museum of Anthropology to the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture in Seattle, Washington and many private collections as well.

Latham’s traditional name is Quulunn, which means Beaver.

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