Mark Preston/Sabina Hill

Mark Preston is a First Nations artist of Tlingit descent. He began studying silver carving at Hazelton, British Columbia, with Haida master jeweller Phil Janze. After this apprenticeship, Preston moved on to wood carving, although he considers silver to be his life-long dedication.

Regarding his art, Preston states: “When I think about what art is, it is more than illustration or objects to be doted over. Art is the magic, the glue that brings us all together. It is the language that transcends its forms. Art gives us reason to think, ponder and speak our minds.”

Preston has worked in various mediums including paper, cloth, wood, metals and stone. In addition to his jewellery and paintings, Preston has been working on large-scale glass pieces. 

Though he had an early interest in European masters, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Preston eventually discovered Northwest Coast artists, such as Bill Reid, Robert Davidson and Roy Vickers. He lists Mark Rothko and Jack Bush as influences on his more recent paintings. These works transcend traditional Northwest Coast form toward a more abstract and contemporary aesthetic. 

Born in Vancouver, BC, Sabina Hill is inspired by First Nations imagery, which is deeply rooted in Pacific Northwest regional culture. She integrates Native motifs into her work to create a unique, contemporary expression that evokes the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest and the convergence of two distinct design cultures.

Sabina, in collaboration with aboriginal artists, creates original custom furniture, art and installations merging the rich mythology of Northwest Coast native culture with a contemporary design aesthetic.

Sabina graduated with a degree in Architecture with Honours from the University of British Columbia and has a degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Manitoba.

Her handcrafted works are authenticated limited editions and commissions that showcase an ever-expanding palette of materials and reflect her evolving design aesthetic.

Sabina’s Prow Table was purchased by the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto for their permanent collection. She was also awarded Western Living Magazine's Designer of the Year, as the One to Watch in furniture design.

Sabina enjoys working collaboratively and has earned the trust and respect of design professionals and her discerning clientele. She recently launched the Feast Collection with its regional ingredients, celebrating entertaining and feasting.

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