Mike Dangeli

Mike Dangeli is of the Nisga’a, Tlingit, Tsetsaut, and Tsimshian Nations. He belongs to the Beaver Clan and carries the names Goothl Ts’imilx (Heart of the Beaver House) and Teettlien (Big Wave). He grew up in his people’s traditional territory in Southeast Alaska and Northern British Columbia. Mike is a renowned artist and carver whose work is collected and exhibited throughout North America and Europe. He is also a singer, songwriter, and dancer.

At an early age, Mike began to attend feasts, potlatches and other ceremonies in BC and Alaska where he danced with his family and began to study the art forms, histories, and cultures of his diverse background. From these experiences, he learned how to host his own feasts, potlatches and totem pole raisings, prepare traditional foods, speak for his family, and to perform the songs and dances of his people.

While living in Vancouver, Mike founded the House of Culture Studio, where he organized programs to teach Northwest Coast art to urban First Nations children, youth, and adults through classes, workshops and seminars. In partnership with his wife Mique’l Dangeli, Mike leads the Git Hayetsk Dancers, an internationally renowned First Nations dance group based in Vancouver, BC. He has carved over 50 of the masks performed by their group. The group takes pride in continuing the traditions and songs of their ancestors, while also creating new songs, dances, drums, rattles, masks, and regalia to reflect and record their experiences as First Nations people today.

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