20’ 10” L x 91” H x 6’ D

20' L (Canoe)

5' L (Paddles)

Edition /5

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"Capable of enduring the most treacherous waters of the Northern Pacific Ocean to ensure our survival, canoes built and designed by Indigenous peoples of the Northwest Coast have been the mode of transportation for thousands of years. Creating these magnificent canoes has allowed us to participate in trade, attend sacred ceremonies, as well as harvest foods from up and down the Northwest Coast. In order to effectively and efficiently glide through the water, working together in unison is required to reach our destinations. These canoes are incredibly utilitarian, dynamic and loaded with aesthetic appeal.

‘Yaadachoon’ is an amalgamation of two divergent worlds juxtaposing the marginalized and muted ethos of the Tlingit; often considered to be legends or myths, with the Western constructs of governance that we use today. This canoe sculpture is a vessel of humanity, which highlights opposing sides by bisecting the canoe in half. This piece allows us to take a further look into the binary self governance structure of the Tlingit, the Eagle and Raven, and the civic duties to always care for and uphold your opposites. The body of the canoe is void, as it leaves a very sizable negative space that is indicative of political and social unrest of today. But also adheres to complex design principles of ‘Formline’ and using negative to formulate a positive space. May this be a reminder for us all, to implement the unfailing civic duties of Tlingit people, to uphold respect and acknowledge your opposites, ensuring that we will always be paddling in unison towards the betterment of humanity." - Robert Mills


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