Ron Sebastian

Ron Sebastian has been a producing artist in the Northwest Coast Native style for many years. He received some of his training at the Gitanmaax School of Northwest Indian Art and Design. Sebastian was raised in the Wet’suwet’en village of Hagwilget, where he lives and works today with his wife, Tracy, and their five children. In June of 1990, the couple opened their own home giftshop where they sell Sebastian’s artwork.  

Sebastian has produced works in wood, silver and gold. His finely crafted jewellery is popular worldwide. He is also known for making kerfed boxes and masks and carving poles. Currently, Sebastian is producing delightful silkscreen prints, which are much in demand. He has attracted a following of collectors who eagerly await each new printing.

Sebastian has created a six-foot round mural for the entrance of the Smithers Indian Friendship Centre. One of his most notable pieces are two throne type chairs Sebastian carved for the University of British Columbia, used by their President and Chancellor.  

The works of Ron Sebastian are represented in both public and private collections and he has participated in many Northwest Coast Native Art exhibitions.

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