Terry Starr

Terry Starr has been carving since 1978. In 1988, he carried out an important position of sub-contracting one of the six longhouses installed in the Museum of Civilization in Hull, Quebec. He has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Canada and the United States.

Starr has worked with such outstanding Northwest Coast Native Artists as Richard Hunt and Tim Paul, both of whom held the position of Master Carver to the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria, BC.

Terry is mainly recognized for his woodcarvings, specifically masks, bowls and rattles as well as larger projects, such as longhouses and totem poles. He has also produced several limited edition silkscreen prints. Terry is always looking to expand his skills. Recently, many of his original designs have been used in the creation of clothing and fine giftware. He is highly influenced by historical Tsimshian pieces. Terry graduated from Vancouver's Northwest Coast Jewellery Arts program under established Haida/Kwakwaka'wakw artist, Dan Wallace.  

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Eagle and Whale Serving Set
Terry Starr (Tsimshian)

Design by Terry Starr (Tsimshian).Eagle is one of the most important beings in the art and mythol...

Design by Terry Starr (Tsimshian).Eagle is one of the most important beings in the art and mythology of the Northwest Coast. It is respected for its intel­ligence and power, as well as its extraordinary vision, in both the literal and figurative senses. Eagles in myth are, likewise, usu­ally noble characters. Eagle is revered as a powerful hunter. Groups of mythical Eagles may gather for co-operative whale hunting expeditions, since, unlike the giant Thunderbird, Eagle is not strong enough to...