Cori Savard

Cori Savard (Yahgu’laanaas Raven clan) was born in Haida Gwaii in 1985 but spent most of her childhood and adolescence in Quebec and Ontario. She frequently visited the extensive Northwest Coast exhibition at the Museum of Civilization in Ottawa. This, along with consistent teaching by her mother, allowed her to remain connected to her Haida culture and roots. At the age of 15, Cori returned to Haida Gwaii and attended her first potlatch.

Cori was invited to attend a long series of design courses taught by Haida master Robert Davidson. She worked very diligently to master the style and skill of the art and was eventually rewarded with a scholarship from the YVR art foundation.

At 20, Cori began a formal apprenticeship working with renowned Haida artist Reg Davidson (brother of Robert Davidson) in Old Masset. She learned the carving techniques applicable to masks, sculptures and monumental works, taking part in multiple totem pole projects.

Cori now lives and works from her home studio in Skidegate, Haida Gwaii and maintains a working relationship with her mentor Reg. She also spends time learning from and working with Ben Davidson, expanding her knowledge and skills in painting and carving in his studio and gallery in Skidegate.

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Cori Savard (Haida)

2021Edition /76Available framed for $875 CAD. Please contact the gallery directly.Artist Statemen...

2021Edition /76Available framed for $875 CAD. Please contact the gallery directly.Artist StatementInspired by the intricate beauty of Naaxiin, this print is a celebration of Maat (Mountain Goat). Our people have long recognized the value and quality of Maat’s wool, and have been weaving the finest regalia with it for centuries. By giving its wool, Maat weaves together the lives of the many people involved in the extensive process of creating Naaxiin regalia. Hunters, weavers, bark harvesters,...