Guujaaw is of the Raven clan of the Haida Nation. He was born in Masset on the northern part of Haida Gwaii. He is born of the Gakyaals Kiiqawaay Skedans Ravens like his mother. His father, Chiits Gitnaii, is an Eagle from the Yakoun River.

Guujaaw means drum, a name formally given him at a potlatch at Kiusta.

Beginning in the 1970s, Guujaaw worked to protect Gwaii Haanas from logging activity. He was at the forefront of the fight for the protection of Gwaii Haanas (South Moresby) and took part in the blockades of logging operations at Lyell Island in the mid 1980s. He had worked as an assistant to Haida carver Bill Reid. Guujaaw participated in the revival of Haida songs and dances and other dying arts such as the building of canoes, longhouses and Coppers. Some of his totem poles are on display in Indonesia and Japan.

Guujaaw has been a regular contributor to Haida Laas — the Journal of the Haida Nation. He is a dedicated teacher working to pass songs and dances on to the next generation within the broader context of Haida culture. His love for the land and understanding of the vulnerability of life has put him in the position of devoting much of his adulthood to fighting the forces that are changing the land.

Today Guujaaw continues to balance carving with his many other roles which include; political activist, teacher, medicinal practitioner, historian, and performer.

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Mama Ts'iigaay (Dragonfly)
Guujaaw (Haida)

Edition /98Available framed for $1,600 CAD. Please contact the gallery directly.

Edition /98Available framed for $1,600 CAD. Please contact the gallery directly.