Phil Janze

Phil Janzé began working in metal at the age of thirteen, while in Bella Bella. After seeing Stanley George working in silver, Janzé began to engrave seine boats and seagulls on beaten-out dimes and quarters. After graduating from the British Columbia Institute of Technology, Janzé became serious about exploring his talent for jewellery. In 1971, in Hazelton, Vernon Stephens lent Janzé some engraving tools and designs. During 1972, while living in Vancouver, Janzé was inspired by two outstanding jewelry artists, Norman Tait and Gerry Marks.

Janzé had already been producing many quality pieces when he was invited to participate in a jewellery program at the Goldsmith’s Hall of London, England, along with other Northwest Coast artists.

Besides working in gold and silver Phil Janzé has produced work in ivory, bone, and mountain goat horn, as well as silkscreen prints and wood carvings. Janzé has been recognized the world over for his elegant and provocative works of art. He is represented in public and corporate collections in Canada, the United States, Germany, and Japan. His art is in many renowned private collections around the world. He is acknowledged as a Master of the Northwest Coast Artform.

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Hawk Pin/Pendant
Phil Janze (Gitxsan)

Edition 4/10

Edition 4/10