Randy Wisla

Randy comes from a long line of Northwest Coast jewelry carvers. As a member of the Carrier Nation, Saik’uz band, Randy has spent a large part of his life learning Northwest Coast cultural art.

From an early age Randy excelled in grade school art classes with his sketches and drawings setting is work apart. In his twenties, Randy began apprenticing with his father, Charles Harper, a well-known master carver. Under his father’s guidance Randy explored formline design, rendering his ideas in two and three dimensions and studio management.

Since these early training days Randy has never looked back. He has carried his career as a jewelry carver and designer in Vancouver. For over fifteen years Randy has been designing wearable, fashionable, stylish and masterful Northwest Coast jewellery in silver, gold, platinum and copper. Randy fused traditional Northwest Coast jewellery design and technique with a contemporary and signatory style. Formline designs are found in Northwest Coast art and are strongly linked to stories, crests, clans and the Native cultures in British Columbia.

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