Roger Smith

Roger Smith was born and raised on Haida Gwaii and given the name Naad Kaa,wang, which means “walking away from trouble into the sunset.” He is a member of the Eagle clan, Tsaalth Laanaas. Roger has a strong designing and print making skills and is enrolled in the Freda Diesing School of Northwest Coast Art First Nations Fine Art program. He primarily works with canvas and paper but has started to add wood carving to his artistic skills through portrait masks, spoons, paddles, and bowls. He will be included in the school’s annual year-end exhibition, and his work has been shown at Terrace Art Gallery, Kitimat Museum and Archive.

In 2016 Roger received a scholarship from Native Northwest, a Vancouver company, which is known across Canada for their reproduction of native artwork on cards, prints, t-shirts and mugs. They distribute these items to gift stores, galleries and tourism destinations. Roger has sold many designs to this company and has his work displayed on various items such as scarves, puppets, and tea mugs.

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Portrait Mask
Roger Smith (Haida)


Haida Portrait Mask
Roger Smith (Haida)