Stan Hunt

Stanley Hunt (“Tsakis”) is descended from a long line of famous carvers. His grandfather was the famous Mungo Martin, who originated Thunderbird Park at the Royal British Columbia Museum in Victoria, which is famous for its totem poles. His father was Henry Hunt, a man who taught all of his sons to carve and all three, Stan, Richard and Tony have become renowned carvers in their own right.

Stan Hunt has been carving since the late 1970’s. As his father’s apprentice, Stan learned all the old stories, learned how to make his own carving tools and assisted his father with six totem poles. He carved his first totem pole in 1982.

Hunt’s carvings are reminiscent of earlier works, being carved to a rough finish, mainly in red cedar, and painted with the softer, more natural looking colours of earlier works. His carvings are often distinguishable from the grey colour he incorporates into the painted areas. In 2008, he completed a 3 foot pole for a private commission in Australia. Hunt has also completed many large projects including a 42’ 10’’ pole for Buenos Aires that now stands at Canada Place, in 2012.

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Dzonokwa Moon Mask
Stan Hunt (Kwakwaka'wakw)

Edition 1/12

Edition 1/12