Eagle Woman Frog Bracelet

Eagle Woman Frog Bracelet

Repoussé Sterling Silver
1" W x 6 ½" L

Jesse Brillon is a master of the repoussé technique, a skill that is highlighted in this remarkable bracelet. Repoussé is a technique that involves hammering the material from the backside of the piece to create an image in high relief on the front of the piece. The technique is often accompanied by chasing, which is when the work is indented on the frontside to create concave sections of the design. Together, these techniques result in a sculptural work with exceptional depth and dimension. There are only a handful of artists that use these techniques on the Northwest Coast.

Indigenous artwork on the Pacific Northwest Coast often incorporates figures and animals that are related to crest symbols. Crests have been passed down through families and have varying meanings depending on the context and association with a nation, clan, or family. The figures depicted in contemporary Northwest Coast Indigenous artwork also have varying meanings but there are some common characteristics from a range of sources, including oral histories and artist descriptions.

Eagle is an especially prominent figure in artwork on the Northwest Coast. There is a large population of eagles along the coast of the Pacific Northwest. Eagle is one of two crests among the Haida and Tlingit, and one of the main crests among the Tsimshian and Heiltsuk. It is typically respected for extraordinary vision, in both the literal and figurative senses.

Eagle is considered one of the most sacred figures as it has been said to carry the prayers of the people to the Creator and Eagles are frequently referenced in ceremonial contexts. Eagle feathers and down are customarily used in a variety of different ceremonies such as honouring a respected guest. In Northwest Coast artwork, Eagle is often depicted with a hooked beak and small ears.

Frog is a creature of great importance on the Northwest Coast. Frogs are social and vocal creatures and are typically seen as the communicators of the animal world. They often symbolize communication and represent the voice of the people. Frog is also associated with versatility as it lives in both water and land. In Northwest Coast artwork, Frog is sometimes depicted with its tongue going into the mouth of another figure as a visual reference for sharing knowledge. Frog is generally given large eyes, prominent lips with a projecting tongue and webbed feet.


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