Bradley Hunt

Bradley Hunt has spent many years working to make a distinctive name for himself, both as an artist and a teacher on the West Coast of Canada. A native of Bella Bella (BC) Hunt began to carve as a young boy. He learned whittling at a young age and by his high school years, his talents thrived. He attended the Vancouver Art School for two years and then transferred to the University of BC to pursue his Bachelor of Education degree in 1973.

Hunt decided to build a career in art full time after eleven years of teaching in Bella Bella and Sechelt elementary schools. In 1978 he settled with his family in Gibsons BC, where he strengthened his spiritual side and connected with his ancestral roots. 

During his successful career, he has been commissioned for numerous pieces, such as totem poles and talking sticks. His wooden masks have been used in traditional potlatch ceremonies and his work is internationally renowned, having been collected by dealers in Japan, Russia and Germany.

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